A Look Back at 2011

I feel like every year I always say “this year went by so fast”, but 2011 seems to win the speed race because I honestly have no idea where the past 12 months have gone. So many life changes and exciting things have happened to us that the year flew by in a whirlwind.

In the past year, I have gone from stay-at-home mom to a working mom. Although, my “career” and job history this year has been nothing short of ridiculous. I have technically held 7 jobs this year so tax time should be a big party. However, as the year ends I only work at 1 of those 7 places – the YMCA. I am so happy to say that I really do love my job, in every aspect. I work as a fitness coach which means I am using my degree (!) and sharing what I am most passionate about – living a healthy lifestyle.

At the root of my new found success in finding a bunch of jobs including the one I love was a move from Michigan to Wisconsin. This was a huge step for us as a family, but overall we have been very pleased with the outcome. It has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for our family and I am SO excited to see where they lead us to in 2012.

Here is a look back at 2011 from Elly’s perspective:

She started the year as a 9 week old infant:


Met her first friend, Miss Ella Mae:


Celebrated her first Easter:

Went to her first concert – Hello Rainey










Traveled to Chicago on her first vacation:

First trip to the zoo:

Enjoyed her first ice cream cone:

Celebrated her first Independence Day:

Got her first car, thanks Grandma!:

Picked apples at an apple orchard:

Dressed as a cupcake for her first Halloween:

Celebrated her FIRST birthday!:

Ate her first rib:

Watched Santa come to town at her first Christmas parade:

Opened her own presents on her second Christmas:










Now she is an (almost) 14 month old toddler! Whew, I cannot even believe how quickly she is growing up,. We watch her learn and explore new things everyday, usually something she is not supposed to be in. She has developed quite the spunky personality, with an attitude to go with it. She is the most excellent eater I have ever seen, she will eat everything that we eat and whatever we put in front of her… with the exception of apples, which I caught her stuffing into her diaper rather than eating them. Her favorite food continues to be sweet potato fries. She is a speed demon when she crawls, but hasn’t quite built up the confidence to walk on her own yet but she will walk everywhere if she is holding our hands. We have caught her standing unassisted a lot more recently so I give it maybe another month. She now weights around 17 pounds and is 28 inches long – growing like a weed, but still talk and skinny. She loves music and will bust out in dance anytime a song plays.

Looking forward to 2012 and the new year, I am hoping to start with some new beginnings. However, I will save my resolutions for another post! Hope everyone has a fun and safe evening!


One thought on “A Look Back at 2011

  1. As the years speed by us, your life continues to grow bigger and better. While not all days are full of sunshine it is great to see you looking toward a bright and happy new year with Brent, Elly, and all your extended parents and grandparents. While I was not happy to see you move so far from me, I do see that your move to Appleton was a very positive decision for your family. I miss seeing you every other Saturday in Mt. Pleasant and I miss being able to be closer to Elly so she can get acquainted with her grandma – but I’m happy for you! I love you. Mom

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