What’s New with Elly?

Life with a toddler is much different that life with an infant. Gone are the days where I could play with her on the floor and multiple 2-hour naps when I could get things done around the house. Now, my time is spent chasing her around and keeping her out of the catbox. Yes, you read that right, she thinks it is hilarious to play in the catbox. Silly girl.

compare to Elly at 5 months:

However, I would almost say I love this more. She is at such a fun age, she interacts with us and communicates with us and we love it.

So, what exactly is Elly up to these days? She loves giggling, playing peek-a-boo, dancing, and is starting to walk! She babbles all the time and is starting to say actual words. As of now her vocabulary consists of: mommy, daddy, and yummy. The girl definitely loves food, a trait I am proud to say she got from me. She will eat anything we give her – fruit, vegetable, or protein. Her favorites are currently bananas and sweet potato fries.

We are not sure of her exact stats, but if we had to guess: weight = 17 pounds, 28 inches… she is growing like a weed! She is still long and skinny and it really shows in her clothes. She is fitting into most 12 or 12-18 month shirts now, but can still fit into some smaller sizes as well if they were originally made as a “dress”. However, she still fits in 6 month pants. Unfortunately, most 6 month pants fit her like capris and any size bigger is too big in the waist.

We found out yesterday that Elly loves the water. She is such a little water bug, a trait she must have inherited from her Daddy because I hated water as a child. However, she splashed, kicked, and squealed with glee for about 30 minutes in the pool yesterday. Due to her very positive reaction we have decided that we are going to get her in swimming lessons. A big perk to being an employee at the Y is the free or very discounted access to the fitness classes and various activities and lessons they provide.

As mentioned above, she is starting to walk! She was a late bloomer with crawling, so we knew she would walk in her own time so when 12 months came and went we were not surprised at all when she still preferred crawling everywhere. However, she is starting to gain confidence in her abilities and we’ve caught her standing unassisted on multiple occasions and last night she decided to give walking a try. She has the most adorable waddle I have ever seen, and she will only go a few steps at a time but it’s a start. By the end of the month she will be walking everywhere.

Watch out cats!


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