Fast Forward

It has been two and a half years since I last visited this space. 

So much has happened, so much has changed. Life evolved and I lost track of my writing and my little internet oasis. However, things are finally settling down into my new normal and I have been inspired to return to the blogging realm. I cannot promise everyday posts, but I hope to frequent at least every other day. Pop in, update, write. It helps to clear my head and my chest. 

Let me first give a brief explanation of what has changed. It would be a novel if I tried to expand on everything in this one post, so I am going to spread it out, but I do want to touch on everything here. 

First, Brent and I are no longer together. I do not want to place blame on anyone, we simply just did not click anymore. We were struggling to find balance and we really lost sight of why we were together in the first place. We grew apart mentally and physically and got to where we were in two completely different places in life and it just was not working out.  We separated in the fall of 2012 and our divorce was finalized summer 2013. 

Elly, who is now THREE!, handled the transition much better than we could have hoped. She loves us both and enjoys her time with each of us – which are two very different environments. She exhibits qualities from both of us that give her her own very unique personality and attitude. She will be starting pre-school next week and I have never seen anyone so excited. She loves to learn and experiment and I am so excited (and sad) for her to be starting this new journey!

Elly is also a sister! Although I was never planning on anything happening so quickly, you cannot always plan life.  I met Joe during the summer of 2012.  He has a daughter from a previous relationship who is only 9 months older than Elly and immediately they became the best of friends. Joe and I started off as friends, but in early 2013 we started dating. Things escalated quickly when we found out we were expecting in May. Our little boy was born in December. We could not be happier with our family. 

I still enjoying cooking and baking, but my love for crafting has fell to the wayside. And my time in the kitchen is now rather limited thanks to my job as general manager at a massage spa. Luckily, Joe is an aspiring chef and has been wonderful and preparing food for us!! 

That’s all I have for now. I will try to not disappear for such a long period of time. Again, no promises. 


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